VOLTRX Shaker Bottle, Gallium USB C Rechargeable Electric Protein Shake Mixer, Shaker Cups for Protein Shakes and Meal Replacement Shakes, BPA Free, Made with Tritan, 24oz

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The VOLTRX Gallium Electric Protein Shaker Bottle is built with patented technology and a powerful 6000rpm motor for quick and efficient protein powder dissolution. With a 24oz capacity, it's suitable for mixing 16oz of liquid and 3 scoops of powder. This premium quality shaker bottle has an airtight and watertight screw-on top design, providing a leak-proof seal, as praised by users. The attractive design comes in a variety of colors and boasts a long-lasting battery life. However, some users have faced issues with lid alignment and tightening, affecting the ease of use and durability.

This shaker bottle is not just for protein powder; it can also blend solid ingredients like squashed bananas. The Gallium electric shaker cup provides a quick 15-second protein powder dissolution, faster than most conventional shaker bottles. It also features a convenient USB C rechargeable feature, making it a great companion for on-the-go protein shakes.

The VOLTRX Gallium Shaker Bottle is made with BPA-free Tritan material for safe use. It's easy to clean and dishwasher safe, excluding the base. Despite some concerns about durability and blending power, the majority of users recommend this shaker bottle for its premium look, functionality, and ease of cleaning. Remember to use tap water for better powder dissolution, as suggested by users.

Please note that ease of cleaning, portability, and lid alignment may vary among users. Overall, the VOLTRX Gallium Electric Protein Shaker Bottle offers a blend of style, functionality, and convenience, making your protein shake preparation a breeze.

price : $ 35.99