Radix Nutrition DIAAS Complex 1.30, 31 servings Plant Protein Powder, Blueberry 1000g

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The Radix Nutrition DIAAS Complex 1.30 is a high-quality plant protein powder that serves as an excellent supplement for muscle build-up and recovery. It comes in a 1000g blueberry-flavored pack with 31 servings. The product is crafted from premium plant protein ingredients such as Yellow Pea Protein Isolate and Brown Rice Protein Isolate. It boasts a DIAAS score of 1.30, providing all nine essential amino acids for improved strength and optimal muscle recovery.

This natural, plant-based protein powder is ideal for adults with digestive issues and plant-based food lovers. It is also a perfect choice for vegetarians due to its comprehensive amino acid profile. Manufactured by Radix Nutrition Ltd., a renowned brand based in New Zealand, this product places a high emphasis on quality.

The package dimensions are 20 x 11.1 x 8.1 cm and it weighs 1 kg. The product was first available on Amazon on 20 February 2024. For any inquiries, Radix Nutrition can be reached at 0800 47 2349 or via email at info@radixnutrition.com. Incorporate the Radix Nutrition DIAAS Complex 1.30 into your diet for a perfect plant-based solution to build muscle and aid recovery.

price : $ 69.99